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Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine is a complete suite of tools that empowers creators to bring real-time, high-fidelity experiences to PC, console, mobile, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms. Used by many of the world's leading entertainment software developers and publishers, Unreal Engine is also an integral part of many enterprise sectors, such as automotive, architecture, film, broadcast TV, science, aerospace, marketing and education. Download Unreal for free at and follow @UnrealEngine for updates.


They are not called Mad Head Games for nothing. They`ve made dozens of casual HOPA games. They’ve grown, expanded and enjoyed such astounding success that they should be more than happy simply to rest on their laurels and toast their former glory. However, they are not content. Not even close. Having established themselves as one of the leading HOPA game developers, they are about to embark upon the thrilling adventure of developing their new projects and are boldly making headway into F2P markets. New projects represent their foray into different genres, but also their incessant pursuit of amazingness in video games. In their words, the Mad World is about to get even madder!

SGA - Serbian Games Association

Serbian Games Association is a nonprofit NGO, with the goal of supporting growth of the video games sector in Serbia and enhancing its ability to compete globally. SGA wishes to foster the best possible conditions for creating video games in Serbia, improve the quality of Serbian games and develop the talent working in our country. Anyone with the interest in the Serbian games industry can become a member of SGA. 


Nordeus was founded in 2010 and is an independent mobile gaming studio based in Belgrade. We’re best known for Top Eleven, the world’s most successful mobile sports game with over 200 million registered users. In 2018, after the success of our Facebook Instant Messenger game, we released Golden Boot on mobile, and in 2019 we soft launched Heroic: Magic Duel. Proud of where we’re from, alongside our friends at SGA we want to help put Serbia on the global map of gaming. 


3Lateral develops innovative technologies that allow digitization of human appearance and motion at unprecedented level of realism. We cover the full set of solutions from real life 3D and 4D data face and body capture infrastructure, data processing and compression algorithms to recreate realistic facial deformations and HDR representation of facial data, and articulation through anatomically valid and user-friendly bio-kinetic models of humans in the digital form. We have been recognized as pioneers and innovators in the gaming industry and have a long list of successful AAA gaming projects behind us, but 3Lateral technologies will soon be applied in the domains of artificial intelligence, mobile and automotive systems, medicine and biometrics, while the further application is expected in the fields of robotics, genetics, and forensics. In 2019. 3Lateral has become a part of Epic Games, Unreal Engine team with clear association on digital human, navigating the travel of future digital world.  


These people are gaming enthusiasts,  and among us, they also happen to have pretty good programming and design skills. Put the two together and you have COFA Games - a bunch of gamers united by the same goal and working under one roof. The goal is to create great multiplayer mobile games and spread fun to millions of players. Heck, they would develop a game for microwave ovens if they could.


Belgrade Metropolitan University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Serbia whose aim is to educate future experts, professional leaders ready for future society challenges. What we consider our primary advantage is the quality of education we offer, as well as our connections with the business society. We educate professionals who are able to solve the most complex problems and create their own business based on new ideas. Particular attention is paid to the development of economy and society by encouraging applied research and developing its results into innovative products, together with our business partners and start-up companies. Along with the necessary knowledge, graduates of Faculty of Information Technologies, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Digital Arts are developing learning skills, creative and systematic thinking and entrepreneurship, simultaneously applying their high ethical standards and professional principles. Computer games development is one of the leading industries in the world, being even more popular than Hollywood movie production, and that’s why experts in this field are becoming more and more wanted on the market. Belgrade Metropolitan University is the only university in Serbia which offers this study program. It enables students to apply the most complex software and to use all the possibilities of computer hardware in developing computer games. Find more about our study program GAME DEVELOPMENT on the following link:


Reboot is one of the biggest SE European media and events brand in the domain of games industry and gaming. His really small but extremely active team of veteran journalists is editing and publishing exceptionally successful and distinctive magazine for gaming culture "Reboot“. In cooperation with Zagreb Fair, Reboot is an organizer of one of the biggest European gaming shows, „Reboot InfoGamer“. Reboot Develop is the brand's convincingly the most ambitious project - it is one of the most unique, influential and high-end game developers and games industry conferences worldwide.


Games Revolted is an indie game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. Along with working on various smaller projects, Games Revolted is primarily focused on releasing Phageborn online card game. Phageborn is set in an immersive, violent, dark fantasy world with a deep storyline and original character designs. It comes with several killer features like 2v2 combat, rich single player campaign, dual resource system, cool MOBA-style dynamic gameplay elements and a much more! Games Revolted is one of the fastest growing Croatian game dev studios with no intention of slowing down, so make sure to check the career page on their website for an opportunity for a career in game development!