Beyond: The Fading Signal | Mad Head Games

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Reach the Source

The game opens with the  Player in the role of a young woman. After a mysterious message, begins a search for her brother, who vanished when they were children. She follows a strange signal in form of their old shared amulet and soon starts to experience strange things, as well as a persistent danger.

The truth awaits her soon enough, but its source is located high above, among the stars. As she ventures up, there is no telling what incredible adventures and even greater perils await her as she follows the fading signal.

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Contagion is Here

The danger for outer space in Beyond: The Fading Signal CE is more than real and as it grows around the player, so does the weight of her decision. Is the Union on their side? What is the Contagion and what does it want? Is her brother Reggie still the same boy she knew all those years ago? As the signal fades into nothingness, the same decisions have to be made. Are you willing to take them?

Fight for the Pale Blue Dot!



Go on another intergalactic adventure in the bonus game!


Discover morphing objects as you play.


Earn special achievements.


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, soundtracks, and more!


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