Cadenza: Fame, Theft, and Murder | Mad Head Games

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A music challenge

You're a young musician and a rising star in the golden age of rock and roll. You think you have everything you could have every desired, but on one of your performance, a mysterious man challenges you to a guitar duel, calling you a hack.

Full of confidence, you accept. After all, what is there to lose?

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The tune you play is no ordinary song - in a blink of an eye, the same stranger has your entire life and you are left with nothing. Do you have what it takes to reclaim what is rightfully yours? Or will the riffs of truth be drowned out by the tune of lies and deceit?

Reclaim Your Life

Enter a rocking adventure!



Fantastic in-game music full of rhythm and melody!


A twist that will surprise and thrill even the veteran HOPA players!


Gorgeous design that is both engaging and historically accurate!


An interesting and unpredictable characters with hidden agendas!


Bonus content that will immerse the players even further!