Dark Realm: Lord of the Winds | Mad Head Games

Until the last breath

We present the third installment of the Dark Realm series!

Once again, step into the role of Valera, and experience an adventure that will take you above the clouds and bellow mountains.

When another sets his life on the line for your own, show true courage and loyalty by braving an invading army.

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The Winds of danger

Then, strike at the heart of the enemy in a battle for the lives of your friends, your kingdom, yourself and even the world. Will you reach high only to fall hard? Can you fight till your last breath?

Take to the Skies!



Visit another magical world in the bonus chapter!


Consult the helpful Strategy Guide.


Find hidden morphs and collectibles.


Challenge yourself with achievements and re-playable hidden-object scenes.


Enjoy wallpapers, concept art, and more.

Mad Head Games

"Mad Head delivers this same-old story in such a clever way and with such interesting side-stories that makes it worth following. “

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“It has all of the features that I love blended to perfection to create a game that I am sure to play many times in the future. “

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“This is the best game i have ever played! The scenery is very beautiful, the storyline is interesting and the minigames are very creative! I recommend this game without a doubt!”

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games