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A realm of Mortal ice

You play as Valera, the ruler of Norhtpearl, who must travel to a neighboring kingdom of Nypha, trapped in a death grip of cold.

With no natural explanation for the ice blizzard, you immediately realize something is very wrong.

But, this is not even the biggest crises in Nypha.

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A frozen adversary

In one of the kingdom's tower, a princess is trapped by ice. The chance of her salvation is slowly fading as the cold consumes the realm, so you hurry to get there and offer your help. Bu, as the journey takes a dangerous turn, you will have to summon all your strength to survive and defeat those determined to destroy all that you hold dear.

Save the Princess, save the Kingdom!



Learn more about the icy curse in the bonus chapter!


Find crowns and morphing objects hidden throughout the world.


Achievements, jigsaw puzzle, character gallery, and more.


Includes a comprehensive Strategy Guide.

Mad Head Games

"It’s fun, it’s quick, it’s engaging and it has a tremendous pace most of us are probably unfamiliar with."

That Swedish Guys Corner Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"The game is designed with quality in mind, because right from the start you will be able to see the wonderful animations and unique aesthetics that make the gameplay solid and a lot of fun.”

Mystery Vale Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“Princess of Ice is probably one of the most action-packed HOPA title ever. “

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games