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Escape the invaders!

One quiet evening your life is changed irreversibly – your peaceful village is under siege, turned into ashes in fire havoc.

Your father, the blacksmith, tells you to take your mother’s belongings and flee before the shadowy creatures outside break down the door to your home.

You have to flee with only your life.

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Power of firewielders

Only one person in the whole kingdom of yours has enough power to stop the dreadful banshees – and it’s the Queen! You’ll need to solve magic puzzles and hidden-object scenes, uncover family secrets, cross paths with fire-breathing dragons if you want to save your father as well as the kingdom. Can you truly do it?

Begin your Reign!



Save Northpearl from a deadly new threat in the bonus chapter!


Unlock challenging time-based hidden-object puzzles.


Collectibles, achievements, advanced puzzles, and more.


Use comprehensive Strategy Guide in case you get stuck.

Mad Head Games

“With a remarkably well told story with its share of twists and memorable scenes and visuals that might just set a new standard for casual games, this is one adventure any fan should feel proud to add to their library.”

Jay is Games Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"The gorgeous scenes in Dark Realm have totally blown us away with their beyond beautiful artwork and amazing colors. Moreover, the cutscenes and animations are, perhaps, the very best in the casual games industry."

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"I was amazed and found myself saying, "WOW" out loud. This game rocks in every aspect of its existence. “

BIg Fish Games user Mad Head Games