Dawn of Hope: The Frozen Soul | Mad Head Games

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Rise from the Ice

The world might have ended years ago, but a new one has emerged from its ashes. Built upon the success of their predecessors, the people of Spite village flourish in this new post-civilization environment. That is, until, a fell and unnatural storm of frost envelops the small town. Rumored to be a consequence of the Society, an organization of secretive overlords, tampering with nature – it seems only a myth can stop this calamity: the long-imprisoned Ancient Elves. Are you the hero to complete this quest?

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Discover the mystery

It is a world built upon the ruins of another world – the Ancestors might have failed in building a utopia, but people such as the inhabitants of Spite village are doing it right. All is well until a horrifying and damaging frost storm begins to eat away at the land, jeopardizing Spite Village itself. It’s lore master almost frozen to death and the crops killed off, it becomes obvious that a supernatural threat requires a supernatural solution.   Will you find Mount Nucleus and the secrets locked therein? Will the Ancient Elder Elves rid the world of the Society curse? Or is there more to this tale than it appears?



Some crimes can never be forgiven... or can they? Find out in the bonus game!


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