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change the world

In a world built on top the ruins of the past, a young woman must brave the perils of the present to find a cure for her father - and perhaps a cure for the world itself.

Will you risk the fate of the world for the fate of one man?

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Will you set out in search of the mysterious Nucleus, an artifact of the Ancients, to heal your father? Be weary - for with such power, comes an all-encompassing threat.

Scale the Skyline

Enter the Forbidden Zone



Save the village of Promise from danger, as only one of your lineage can!


An ancient evil threaten the village's harmony in the bonus chapter.


Can you find all of the collectibles and morphing objects?


Never get lost again with the Strategy guide.

Mad Head Games

The gameplay makes the most of this intriguing elven and human combination and gives this game a unique and refreshing feel.

RGamerView Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

The scenes have been highly detailed and the characters almost look real. Moreover, the spot on voice overs and pleasant background music make this game even more enjoyable for the players.  

Mystery Vale Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

The heavenly sights and sounds, the exceptional plot, and the unparalleled gameplay make Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure a must-play for all HOPA fans.

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