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A Family Secret

Just as one case closes, another opens: Donna Brave receives a cryptic letter asking for her help, this time form her childhood friend Kathy. As she arrives to her house on the outskirts of Vienna, she finds she might already be late.

The nefarious plot had already started claiming the first victims. The monstrous tree has extended its crawling reach all over the house, and Donna is the only one with half a chance to stop it.

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Romance And Revenge

A grim injustice leads to a tragic death, and to cruel vengeance. Can Donna Brave stop the dread plan from unfolding to its furthest extent? The life of her dearest friend is at stake! Are you ready to face a monstrous threat?
Have you got the wits and the will to counter it?
Are you Brave enough?

Welcome to the newest Donna Brave mystery!



Prevent another murder in the bonus chapter!


Search for dozens of collectibles and morphs while you play.


Enjoy exclusive art, music, and wallpapers.


Master the game as you earn achievements and replay Hidden-Object Puzzles.


Never get lost with the strategy guide!