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Uncommon Haunting

A late night call takes the Fright Chasers bloggers to an abandoned cinema. Though long-time searchers for all things supernatural and mysterious, nothing could have prepared them for what they found there: three ghosts, all of which abduction-prone.

As they attempt to rescue a missing teen, the Fright Chasers trace the hauntings to a set of magical film reels. Enchanted or cursed, and for what purpose? They and they alone can find out.

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A Long-Lost Love

The loss of a loved one has driven a man to turn to dark arts: all that remains of her are her films, and her grieving widower will go to any length to bring her back. And he has. What he didn’t know is that his actions would also bring to life spectral horrors of the silver screen. Are you ready for this unique blend of mystery and tragedy? Will you go all out to save a complete stranger? Can all the pain of loss finally be put to rest?

The screen beckons.



Jump into one last haunted film reel and outsmart a witch to rescue your friend in the bonus game!


Replay your favorite HOPS, collect achievements, discover a new mini-game, and play a massive, culminating HOP!


Tons of morphs and collectibles to find!


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, and music!


Never get lost with the strategy guide!