Maze: Nightmare Realm | Mad Head Games

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Delve into a dark dreamscape

When all else fails, Christine comes to the rescue: who better to step into a world of nightmares and face all the challenges there, expected and unexpected? Christine will not flinch before any horror, keeping her eyes on the goal at all times: saving her nephew Timmy.

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Christine’s nephew Timmy has slipped into a state of perpetual nightmare and cannot wake up. With the help of his father’s cutting edge neuro-technology, she enters Timmy’s nightmare to untangle and banish them all, ultimately bringing her nephew into wakefulness, safety, and light.

Help Timmy reunite with his father

Face the fears!



Battle an old foe in the bonus game!


Test your skills in the ultimate HOP and jigsaw puzzle!


Enjoy additional art and soundtracks.


Never get lost with the strategy guide.