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Secrets of Gallaway

It was supposed to be just a relaxing drive on a forest road, but Jane’s life is literally turned upside down when a mysterious figure blocks her way – causing her to lose control of the car and crash. When she awakens, nothing is what it appears; she is imprisoned in a dark cellar at some unknown place. Where she would seek help and assistance, Jane finds only darkness and – more horrifyingly – ghastly visions conjured from the nightmarish depths of her mind.

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Understand the Fear

Are you willing to seek the answers even when the search takes you to the hidden corners of your mind? Is the dark secret of Gallaway a thing you can grasp without losing your sanity? Do you have what it takes to survive the endless pit that exists even inside of the calmest and most composed person? Begin your journey through Maze: Stolen Minds and see how will you come out on the other side!

Madness draws near!



Explore the origins of the mind-controlling serum in the bonus game.


Earn achievements, and find collectibles and morphing objects!


Never get lost with the strategy guide.


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, character gallery, concept art, music, and more!


See alternate choices and revisit your favorite hidden-object puzzles!