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Welcome Subject 360

Once you awaken locked in a strange room, you struggle to remember what happened to you or how did you end up there.

But in no time at all, a strange voice welcomes you to a mysterious and dangerous place called the Maze.

You feel the fear rising inside of you.


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Will you be strong?

Knowing the price of failure is incredibly high, you summon all your strength. You are determined to find a way out of it and learn the truth behind the Maze and a small town of Haven that lies outside of it. You don't know that a dark, terrifying entity connects all of them.

Enter the Maze of Nightmares!



View the story from a whole new perspective in the bonus chapter.


Find swirls and morphing objects hidden throughout.


Includes achievements and a comprehensive Strategy Guide.


Special jigsaw puzzle to complete.


Wallpapers, soundtrack, artwork, making-of video and more

Mad Head Games

“Maze: Subject 360 delivers an over-the-top horror experience with gorgeous visuals and high production values.”

Jay is Games Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“Maze: Subject 360 opened with a lot of promise, and immediately we knew that this game is a strong contender for the Game of the Year status.”

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“There has never been a game like this before!"

BIg Fish Games user Mad Head Games