Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past | Mad Head Games

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From Above

It all seemed like a regular night for a traveling inventor and his young cousin, making their way to a nearby fare. However, they were stunned to see a huge object descend from the sky and fall nearby. In the moments that follow, their lives will be changed completely and utterly by a force the did not even know existed - coming from a place that was always obscured in the night sky.

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Moon Has Secrets

In a peaceful fantasy kingdom, your actions will mark the future of two worlds! As the clock ticks away, you will be propelled into an adventure that will defy everything you thought you knew about the world. Will you be able to recognize truth and discard any lie, no matter how impressive it might be? Will you save many more people than just your nephew? Can you even survive all that is coming your way?  

The sky will come down.



Stop a deadly virus in the bonus game!


Find many collectibles and morphing items.


Enjoy stunning music, movies, and wallpapers.


Play effortlessly using the Strategy Guide!