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A New Star

A light in the sky shines suddenly over Priora, giving Isaac and his uncle Harold a mission - to find out what happened. They embark on a journey, retracing the steps of Gunnar, Isaac’s long-lost father. As they venture to a place long forgotten below the waves, they will find mysteries that have been buried for eons. Yet, terrible secrets never stay hidden forever.

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Wandering Planet

Playing as Isaac, you quickly find yourself in a dire situation - the world below the sea is the ruin of Sanctum, long-lost empire. Once there, you find that not one but two forces have their own dangerous intents. Whom can you trust and where will that trust leave you? Is the Sanctum technology still functional and what is it capable of? Finally, will you dare step into an entirely new world which might be nothing more than a place where you lose your life?

The Sanctum Rises Again!



Help Chief Shard save her people from an unknown and lethal poison activated by the evil robot, Nal-dax! Go with her to the ancient Moonsouls Academy! Search for the miraculous medical device, the Sphere of Healing! Help her deliver the antidote to her people - but avoid the poison!


Replay your favorite HOPs and earn even more achievements!


Search for runic symbols, unusual souvenirs, and morphing items throughout the game! Then review your collections in Extras!


Don’t miss the extras in the Gallery, Labyrinth, and Shadow Puppet Theater.


Keep your adventure on track with the strategy guide!