Nevertales: The Abomination | Mad Head Games

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Apocalyptic Threat

Your mentor is the most powerful mage of Inspiria, yet not even her can stand against the Abomination. With the last of her power, she sends her best student, Anea, to visit the realm’s creator, Ballard, and ask for help. 

Much to Anea’s surprise, Ballard is not the least bit interested in helping. In fact, to Anea’s horror, the Amobination is none other than a terrifying manifestation of Ballard’s own destructive urges. The creator had turned against his own creation. 

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A Tide Of Destruction

The only way to stop the Abomination lies in the mystical Muse Shards - the sparks of creative force. With a haggard Ballard his own worst enemy, and Anea equipped with a powerful realm-hopping spell, the way to salvation of the realms is simple. But it isn’t easy. Saving a world is bad enough. Can you save four?
Do you have what it takes to restore the creator’s spark?
Dare you stand against the Abomination?

You alone may keep the spark alive.



Defeat an evil witch in the bonus game!


Replay your favorite HOPs and puzzles and earn achievements.


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, and concept art.


Never get lost with the strategy guide!