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Who is that child?

One day, a stranger came and knocked on your door leaving a baby all alone on your doorstep.

As curious as you are, you follow the stranger to a castle-like mansion, and plunge deep down into the world of mystery.

You don't know, however, that many personal revelations wait for you there.

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Imagine a journey

Now you must travel into four different worlds beyond our own; a volcanic island, future world, giant world from Jack and the Beanstalk as well as the world of pirates and sea adventures, in search for answers.   Who does the baby belong to?   Why were you chosen?

Enter the tales!



Three bonus chapters!


Multiple collectables and achievements!


Sugar Rush Hidden Object Puzzle!


Gorgeous visual style!


Integrated Strategy Guide!

Mad Head Games

“It's one of the best hidden object puzzle games I've played!”

MacWorld Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“The amount of creativity Nevertales featured is almost  unbelievable and it is proudly shown in almost every aspects of the game.“

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"Mad Heads topped themselves with Nevertales. I've never played a game like this.”

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games