Nevertales: Creator's Spark | Mad Head Games

A Spark will Shine

You receive a mysterious package which points you towards your father, a famous novelist who went missing years ago. You decide to follow the trail but then find a portal that takes her to Nevertales, a world made out of his stories. Immediately, you find yourself in a desperate plight - if you fail, both you and your father will be lost forever. ​

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Experience the Tales

Set off on a stunning journey across the incredible plains of imagination. On the road, you will meet colorful characters, huge mysteries, and fantastic sites as you traverse the never-before-seen landscape of Nevertales. In this colorful world, everything is possible. Are you ready and willing to begin your once-in-a-lifetime travel?

Embark on your Tale



Play as the Creator in the exciting bonus chapter!


Replay HOPs, earn achievements, find collectibles.


Enjoy exclusive concept art, wallpapers, and music!


Never get lost with the strategy guide!