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An Ancient Tale

The new game in the acclaimed Nevertales series will once again take you to a mesmerizing adventure through a world beyond any ordinary imagination. When your grandma Jennifer Hearthbridge, falls into a coma, you rush to her side. But when you arrive at the old mansion where you grew up, a letter from her sends you on an incredible journey to another world! On the other side, lies mix with truths and imagination with tangible reality as everyone scrambles to reach one thing and one thing only - the AllTale Heart!

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World of stories

Explore this mystery and learn things that were hidden from you. The Hearthbridge family has protected the portal to Taleworld for years. With your grandma unable to fulfill her duties, a dangerous entity has put that entire world in great peril! Can you travel to a new realm and defeat the Tall Man in time and reveal its true identity? Will you be able to learn the magic and other arcane knowledge of the Taleworld? In the end, will any of that even matter as fiction and reality merge into one incredible adventure?

A Tale unlike any other!



Find redemption by saving the Alltale Heart from a new foe in the Bonus Game!


Put together an exciting bonus jigsaw puzzle!


Find collectibles to unlock a bonus Treasure Hunt and Ultimate Hidden-Object Puzzle!


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, soundtracks, concept art, and more!


Explore an exciting world of tales!


Never get lost with the strategy guide!