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A doorway of wonder

Bridge the domains of reality and those beyond the border of fiction with Nevertales: Hidden Doorway!

Step into the shoes of Helen, a woman whose boyfriend Ian went missing while on a scholarship program with a famous novelist.

You go to his mansion and try to find him, but you end up entering a realm where fictional stories became real worlds.

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Will you step in?

Inside, you begin your desperate struggle to find Ian and take him back to reality before it is too late. But the worlds on the other side of the hidden doorway pull you in. Will you manage to find your true love or will both of you be lost for good?

The stone circle awaits the brave!



Stop the corruption spreading through Taleworld in the bonus chapter!


Find morphing objects in every hidden object puzzle.


Gather collectibles to unlock bonus content.


Use Ian's novel to change the story in your favor.


Retell your story with wallpapers, profiles, and music.

Mad Head Games

"I am always pleased with the creativity the series’ developers show and this latest entry makes no exception, on the contrary: it proves that you can still deliver smart, beautiful stories that are original and can keep the player hooked from start to finish."

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Mad Head Games

" 10 minutes into the trial I knew I had to have this game! Love all their others, love the challenges that make me lose track of time, make me think."

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games