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Ready for a new Story?

You and your husband were on opposite sides of a great war, but your love was strong enough to bring peace to the land.

Now he finds himself suffering from a deadly illness, and you must race to find a way to save him.

At the same time, plots are being made against you.

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Step into a magic tale

However, in this rich world of imagination, allies and foes are hard to distinguish. Set out on a grand adventure across the five kingdoms of your realm. But remember to stay on your guard – danger and treachery are hiding around every corner!

Become a thing of Legend!



Save your royal family from destruction in the bonus chapter!


Find all the collectibles to unlock more challenging puzzles – and a secret level!


Replay hidden-object scenes and puzzles to earn stars and increase your score!


Get wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, and more!


Access the helpful Strategy Guide.

Mad Head Games

“Nevertales: Legends is an awesome game in almost every way."

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“It rarely happens for me to care so much about characters and especially their love stories when playing a hidden object game, but somehow this game managed to hit the right chord in my soul and I absolutely loved it! “

Casual Game Reviews Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“Nevertales: Legends is a hidden object game that you simply cannot go wrong with.”

Mystery Vale Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"The storyline is so clever, you cannot stop rooting for the good guys to win."

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games