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Enigmatic Island

As murder follows mysterious murder, the island is thrown into turmoil. The prominent Livingstone family is being targeted one by one. Desperate, they turn to the famous detective Rossa Smith. She alone can delve into the island’s dark history and untangle the web of vengeance and jealousy threatening the noble family

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Ancient Injustice

On her assignment, Rossa Smith will come across a grave injustice in the island’s past, followed by a score that needs settling and a frustrated hope turned local legend. Will she have what it takes to bring the culprits to justice and protect the island and its people form their own fog-shrouded past? It’s up to you so begin your own Rite of Passage in Bloodlines!

Foil a murderous plot!



Prevent an evil history from repeating itself in modern times in the bonus game!


Replay your favorite HOPs and mini-games and play the ultimate HOP!


Tons of collectibles and morphs to find!


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers and music!


Never get lost with the strategy guide!