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A Forest of Destitute

The town of Willow Ridge has long lived under everlasting night.

It is surrounded by a violent, dark forest, and the trees have come to life and are keen on destroying the town and its inhabitants.

Its only protection is the Great Lighthouse, which keeps the nightmarish trees at bay.


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Lighthouse of hope

Your husband Alan has been haunted by dreams of a ghostly woman beckoning him, believing she knows how to save the town. As he goes to investigate, a fire consumes the lighthouse! Was it by sabotaged or by some darker force? Your search for answers will uncover the history of your town and the Forest Rite that has been a tradition for countless generations.

Will you reach the light?



Achievements & collectible acorns.


Downloadable wallpapers and soundtrack.


Bonus puzzles and concept art gallery.


Uncover the epilogue in amazing bonus chapter.

Mad Head Games

“We guess the strongest aspect of this game is its graphics. It is crystal clear that Mad Head Games has one of the best art teams ever! All scenes are very sharp and they are magically drawn.“

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Mad Head Games

“If you're looking for fun and unique, this game has it ALL!”

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“What fun! The devs have put twists on the old HO game formula and come up with a winner.”

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games