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Feel the discharge

As a young scientist, you travel to an isolated town by the name of Ashen Rise, carrying an artifact that is needed by your mentor, Professor Mann.

He contacted you just days ago, asking you to bring him a precious artifact.

Using a light airplane, you set off, but your journey is violently cut short, but you manage to survive.

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A storm gathers

Upon arriving at the town, you learn that the place is under a constant attack by a mysterious and unnatural storm. The quest to find a way to stop the storm begins, and there is no room for mistakes. If you fail, this will mean a certain death for all in the town!

Enter the storm's heart!



Return to Ashen Rise in the bonus game for a new adventure.


Test your skills with timed hidden-object puzzles.


Earn achievements and find collectibles.


Get help from the Strategy Guide.


Unlock concept art and more bonus goodies!

Mad Head Games

"The graphics are simply wonderful, along with the stunning visual effects and appropriately dramatic music."

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“We were captivated by the twists and turns all the way through the game."

AllAboutCasualGame Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

"I have been waiting for this game to come out since I beta tested it back in October. This makes #5 in this series...yep, got them all. “

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games
Mad Head Games

“What a gorgeous game, with such a beautiful story. I was sad when the game ended because I wasn't yet ready to let it go.”

Big Fish Games user Mad Head Games