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Everlast came back?

Your parents set sail on the Everlast, a gorgeous cruise ship, exactly twenty years ago… and were never seen again! Now, on the exact anniversary of the dissidence, a mysterious ship returns to the town of Oakmoore.

At first, you cannot believe your eyes, but there is no other explanation - it is the Everlast and it came back to home port!

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Forgotten melody

But, in spite of the good news, Everlast’s arrival is suspicious at best. Still, you’re determined to find out what happened to your family all those years ago. Will you learn the truth… or will you suffer the same fate as your parents?

Brave the darkest tides!



Learn about the mermaid’s past in the bonus chapter.


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“We appreciate the creative take on the otherwise-familiar-theme and we also really like the characters in the game; each of them plays quite a major role in the game, which makes them more interesting and more memorable.”

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“Engage into a huge volume of dynamic hidden object scenes to challenge and amuse you."

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“I haven't enjoyed a game this fantastic in a long time. “

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