Rite of Passage: The Sword and the Fury | Mad Head Games

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Face otherwordly forces

As two worlds collide and intermingle, and unearthly Nightcallers wreak havoc on reality itself, a mysterious message prompts you to search for your long-lost grandfather. You rush to find him, but instead only find a convoluted plot of cold hatred and vicious revenge.

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A host of Nightcallers – mysterious creatures from another world – encroach upon your reality, a strange swordsman steps in to hold them off, and suddenly you are a target as well as an actor, a crucial part of a cruel plot driven by pain and revenge.

Unveil dark secrets from the past

Traverse the borders between worlds



Learn what really happened 20 years ago in the bonus game!


Find all the hidden collectibles and unlock a special surprise!


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, character art, and soundtrack!


Replay hidden-object puzzles until you master them.


Earn fun achievements as you play.