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A Closed Island

A horrible accident happened at a remote research station. Months later, you take the role of a rescue team member who travels to the same quarantined island. The authorities believe that the accident claimed the lives of all members of the station. Now, a rescue beacon has been activated and with it, a chance that someone survived. However, as you land and being to explore, the same island will show it hides many deep and terrible secrets. 

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Shrouded In Darkness

The island seems void and empty of all life. There is no movement, no traces of anyone being around. There is only hope, a glimmer of possibility that your brother Mark, who worked at the station, somehow survived. Are you ready to face the shadows of the past? Will you venture to the heart of the Test site 13? Can you hold onto reality, even when it becomes worse than madness?

The forsaken ones can be saved!



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