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Vanished Town

A group of friends and researchers is examining the Harrowestead Mystery, an event a century ago when a nearby mining town just disappeared underground.

Yet, one day, one of them stumbles onto a trail that might lead to an answer to this mystery - it wakes up something ancient and evil.

Yes, the answers are close, but no one understands that they also leads straight to a place that is beyond the most twisted nightmare.

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Fears and Desires

As you rush to find your missing friend, the city of Windton is collapsing all around you. All of that apparently comes from a figure that should not be possible by any law of nature. Can you overcome your oldest fears? Can you help others see the evil that hides behind the lies? Can you stop one more city and all of its inhabitants from becoming the new Harrowstead?

The light will burn away the lies!



Destroy the last traces of the Shadow Realm in the bonus game!


Replay your favorite HOPs and earn achievements!


Tons of collectibles and morphs to find!


Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, concept art, and music!


Never get lost with the strategy guide!